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Frequently Asked Questions

Big Yard Card is in the business of delivering yards full of fun all over North Florida.  Here are a few of the more frequently asked questions that we receive:

Q: What is your delivery area?
A: We deliver to most of Duval and St. Johns county and the eastern portion of Clay county.  Our office is located in northern St. Johns county; a delivery fee will be added to orders that are more than 10 miles from us.  See the order page for delivery fees.

Q: Do you setup signs on Sunday?
A: We prefer to deliver signs for a Sunday display late on Saturday night.  We will deliver Monday morning displays very late on Sunday evening (usually after midnight).

Q: Can I get a sign with a custom saying or phrase?
A: Adding the person's name and/or age is free of charge.  Additional text or alternate sayings for the top of the sign can be arranged for a nominal fee.  No profanities or objectionable content are allowed.

Q: What happens if the signs are damaged or stolen?
A: Each of our sign sets is a high-quality coroplast display worth hundreds of dollars per set.  Please take care of the signs as they will be collected and used to deliver a smile on another day. Also, please don't ask us to deliver signs to areas that would invite vandalism or theft.  We reserve the right to refuse to deliver signs to high-crime areas, school campuses, or other places where the safety of the signs or the delivery person could be at risk.

Q: What if you can't deliver the signs?
A: If the signs are to be delivered to a home in a gated community or business location you must make proper arrangements with the delivery location so that we will be allowed to setup the display.  If for some reason we are denied access to the setup location, the rental fee will be waived but a charge for the delivery (if any) will still be assessed.